Municipal Savings:

  • Dramatic cost decrease when switching from multi-stream to single-stream
  • Single-stream recycling reduces waste considerably
  • Expensive processing facilities are eliminated, less equipment needed
  • The only requirement is a simple, low maintenance regional transfer facility.
  • Lower tonnage at the landfill translates into significant savings
  • Low density populated areas can consider establishing a recycling program

Fleet Efficiency
  • Eliminating curbside “stop and sort” means more stops per hour
  • Existing waste hauling fleet, split body or packer trucks can be used
  • Heavier loads means less trips to MRF, trucks are used more efficiently
  • Fleets are maximized, lower fuel cost reducing environmental damage
  • Small haulers can compete for contracts
  • Single-stream is safer for drivers who don’t have to lift bins several hundred times a day.

Household ease of use
  • Family members simply toss all their recyclables into one container
  • Blue boxes, recycling carts or clear plastic bags can be used
  • Use of the recycling cart helps divert more recyclable materials from the trash
  • More categories of material are accepted, everything is collected at one time
  • Volume is effortlessly increased due to simplicity and convenience.
Stages of the process
  • Community collects all recyclables mixed together
  • The recycling truck picks up at the curb and goes to a local transfer station.
  • The material is then packed into a regular van which goes to a highly mechanized recycling center.
  • Loads are processed; fiber, plastic, metal and glass are sorted, baled and sold to various well established end markets.
  • Injection grade plastics #3 to #7 go to Haycore’s facility for grinding
  • Post consumer flake is sold to various manufacturers of finished goods.

Material accepted
  • Fiber: newsprint, cardboard, boxboard, office mix, gable top, etc
  • Metal: steel and aluminum cans
  • Glass: clear and colored container glass
  • 1 to 7 plastics: plastic bottles and containers, grocery bags