Q - Is the material really recycled, or is it just shipped loose to a landfill?
A - The recycling truck Goes to a local transfer station. The material is then packed into a regular van which goes to a highly mechanized recycling center. They sort the material into bales and sell them to end markets like paper mills, aluminum smelters, steel mills, and so on.

Q - How can you collect all categories of plastics when others only take #1 and #2 plastic bottles?
A - Haycore specializes in hard to process material and has traditional markets for plastics bottles #1 and #2. The difference is that we have our own grinding facility for injection grade plastics #3 to #7 and we sell the clean flake to end users who make products such as shipping pallets and plastic lumber for park benches or decks.

Q - Should there be a fire or work interruption at the recycling facility, would Haycore still be able to accept material.
A - Haycore is partnered with two facilities both 25 miles (40KM) from each other; therefore the material can be diverted in case of trouble.

Q- Residual rates are reported to be higher using single stream. Is this true?
A - As with anything, you get out what you put in. Residual rate is lower at our facilities because Haycore developed markets for injection plastic, grocery bags and other plastic film. Quality supply is also very important

Q - What about glass in the paper?
A - Glass is not a problem. Haycore has done extensive research in this area before implementing this program insuring that our partners purchase proven equipment. We also worked with paper mills assuring that they would be satisfied with the quality of the product. Glass does not break as easily in a single stream process because of the fiber content.

Q - Do I need to set my cart out for collection each week?
A - No. Set out your recycling containers only when they are at least 3/4 full. This reduces the number of stops the drivers must make, and it increases service efficiency.

Q - If I already sort the material, why go single-stream?
A - The single stream recycling program should make it easier for you to recycle since you don’t have to haul materials, more items are accepted, and you no longer have to sort.