General specifications for single stream recycling are as follows. Materials may be added or deleted on a case-by-case basis. All material is loose and shipped in vans, roll offs, or walking floor trailers. Haycore usually provides transportation, unless specified.


Single stream recycling focuses on material originating from normal residential use. Material needs to be clean and should be kept dry. Only materials described below should be collected, but changes can be made if new markets emerge. Excessive residue (garbage) increases disposal costs at the processing center and can affect tipping fees. Haycore reserves the right to discontinue service to vendors that do not make an effort to provide quality material. Care must be taken when loading or unloading trucks. Single stream recycling is provided on a contractual basis and after a pre-determined number of test loads are delivered and processed.


Types of paper accepted are corrugated cardboard, boxboard, office paper, newsprint, magazines, gable top, and paper bags.
Paper not accepted includes waxed cardboard, very dirty or wet paper, oily paper, paper with excessive food waste, and plasticized or metalized paper or cardboard.


Steel or aluminum food/beverage cans only. Labels do not need to be removed.
Metal not accepted include paint cans, pressurized spray cans, car parts, door frames, or other types of metal that is not from normal post consumer use.


Haycore accepts all bottles and containers with the recycling symbol #1 to #7. This will include soda, water, juice, liquor, shampoo, detergent, condiments, salad dressing, small pails (no metal handles), ice cream, margarine tubs, ketchup, yogurt, etc. We also accept grocery bags and film.
Plastics not accepted include large molded items like laundry baskets, toys, large pails (over 5 gal), plastic drums, plastic packaging, rubber, pool liners and patio chairs. Also not accepted are bottles that contained oil, pesticide, or chemical.


Containers, bottles and jugs of clear or colored glass, properly rinsed, are accepted. Examples include, juice or pickle jars, liquor bottles, wine bottles etc.
Glass not accepted includes any type of plate glass or mirrors, automotive glass, ceramics, light bulbs, beverage glasses or tumblers.