PLASTICS 2 injection 4-5 and 7

Haycore’s primary objective is to provide profitable and responsible recycling alternatives to municipalities. To this end we have  established our own processing facility to insure long term market access and quality finished product.

Our Prescott, Ontario facility is a prime example of our continuing commitment to landfill diversion for lower valued recyclables.

In the past two years, our team has invested extensive energy and many resources to create a strong and lasting domestic market for curbside injection plastics #2- 4- 5 and 7; Tubs and Lids. These less sought after commodities generally end up in landfill. By establishing a stable domestic market and demand for this plastic, Haycore Canada Inc. is now in a position to regularly purchase this product.

For further information on tubs and lids, our manufacturing process, or any other information, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to discuss these new possibilities with your municipality.